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China Brief
Volume 8 Issue 22
November 24, 2008

Arms Sales and the Future of U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations
By Jau-shieh Joseph Wu

China's Strategic Engagement with Latin America
By Russell Hsiao

Beijing's Stimulus Plan: Preemptive Crisis Management
By Willy Lam

PLAs Mechanization and Informationization Come of Age: Sharpening and Vanguard-2008
By Martin Andrew

Transformations in China’s Soft Power toward ASEAN
By Michael Hsiao, Alan Yang

Eurasia Daily Monitor
Volume 5 Issue 225
November 24, 2008

Russia Insists Ambitious Plans for Developing Far East Are Immune to Crisis
By Sergei Blagov

A New Ukrainian Russian Gas Confrontation
By Roman Kupchinsky

Polish, Georgian Presidents’ Motorcade Shot at from South Ossetia
By Vladimir Socor

Turkey Pushes for Closer Political Ties Within the Turkic-Speaking World
By Saban Kardas